The DC725KA By Dewalt Drill

I recently bought the Dewalt DC725KA 18 volt cordless compact hammer drill/driver to replace my old Makita model BDF452HW 18 volt drill. The Dewalt was a great choice, I'd say. Here's why.

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First, the DC725KA is not very heavy but it is powerful. For example, this particular Dewalt DC725KA 18-volt cordless compact hammer drill is capable of getting a 2.5 inch wood screw through one 2X4 into another, whereas other cordless drill models are not.

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The tool and its accessories come in a compact case that is easy to carry wherever you work. If you are wondering what else comes with the drill, it comes with a charger, two nickel cadmium batteries, and a charger. The Dewalt 18 volt DC725KA drill is a little pricey. So you might want to look around. I got it from While we are on the subject of less than favorable subjects, this power tool does not function well with drilling through cement. Just putting that out there. Just something to be mindful of. Also, the hammer drill's NiCad battery takes about five hours to charge fully. The LED light is a decent feature, but sometimes it actually creates unnecessary shadows that can actually hinder its effectiveness. In other words, the light might actually hinders your view every so often. The dc725ka is comfortable. The grip is superior to any other drill I've owned. On the super site, this drill has a rating of 4.5 stars. I truly hope you got something valuable out of my review of the DC725KA hammer drill, made by Dewalt. I really think it's one of the best. Thanks and good luck buying a drill!

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